Rooftop Resort Recap

Rooftop Resort Recap

Our sexy friends in Hollywood, Florida claim Alexandra Silk and I have been bitten by the bug. We just returned from hosting a blissful week long swinging event at the clothing optional, Rooftop Resort. This wonderful adult lifestyle, beach side hotel offers a hybrid of Miami spice with a sexy New Orleans burlesque style. Swingers of all variations are welcome to shed all inhibitions and enjoy their visit au natural. There is uniquely private rooftop pool where guests can tan without lines, an outdoor center courtyard for gatherings and several well decorated playrooms for the more sexually adventurous.

Alexandra noticed the surprisingly attractive guests as soon as we checked in at the lobby. She was shy at first not being aware of what the rules of the house were. I started getting hard in the elevator as Alex rubbed her tight ass cheeks against my crotch. A naked man with a huge cock stood casually in the doorway as we passed his room. Alex became more playful and flashed her tits at him. I could tell the party was just beginning.

Kudos to the wonderful hotel staff. Especially my sweeties Jana and Debbie who were exceptionally accommodating. They took great care of us. We instantly fell in love with Paul, the owner of this very special beach house. He’s brilliant, full of laughter and fun and creates atmospheres for everyone to enjoy. What a great man! We’re very thankful to be able to freely roam around the hotel naked all week long and flirt with all their fabulous guests.

Alex had fun peeking in the windows during our visit. Sometimes we would see a couple fucking or perhaps a beautiful naked female pleasuring herself. We had lots of delicious food, great sex, made new friends, had great sex, enjoyed the sun, had great sex, danced in the evenings and did I mention had lots of great sex. Keep an on on this unique hotel, one of the hottest and sexiest swinger spots across America.

6 thoughts on “Rooftop Resort Recap

  1. Walter: You were pretty great yourself. Alexandra is still fantasizing about our several cream filled encounters at the Rooftop. Sorry, you had to leave for work. Alex and I think you’ll love our award winning creampie series, Internal Affairs. So, check it out. I’m sure it will whet your appetite.

    Creamy regards,

    Luc Wylder

  2. Hi you two. How are things? I hope you’re having plenty of fun and fairly sure you are. Alex, I have a few new piercings that might catch your fancy. My buddy and I are in the process of planning our early summer bike trip, we should see where you might be during the week of July 4. Take care-W

  3. Walter: Hey there. Things are great, thanks for asking. Alex says she’ll need to properly inspect your new piercings when next we meet. You guys should have a blast on your bike trip this summer. Not 100% sure but on July 4th, we should be attending a party at the nude beach in Sandy Hook, NJ. You should join us. Alex says you and your friend and his friends should all come. We are also planning on going back to Hollywood, FL the end of July for the SwingFest. It should be spectacular.
    Well, Alex & I are getting ready to go prowling the local strip clubs and find some adventure. Stay in touch.


    Luc Wylder

  4. Luc & Alexandra,

    Mike & I were very glad to have met you , Patricia & Mark at the Rooftop in October. Mike gave Luke a cigar if that refreshes your memory of who we are. We are wondering if & when you will be back to the Rooftop in 2009. We are definitely planning on a return trip this year & would love to see you again. Please let us know what your schedule is like.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Happy New Year & wishes go out to you & yours for a very good year.

    Kindest Regards,
    Mike & Liz

  5. Luc and Alexandra:

    Had a wonderful time at the Rooftop when you were there last March…

    I was there by myself…but met you when you arrived, and had dinner with you and another guy across the street the first night.

    You are incredibly nice people…

    Am likely to head back there in a month or two.

    Do you folks have any plans to go back there in March, by any chance?

    All the best to you!

    Jeff (blonde guy 🙂

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