Things about Me

  1. I was born in Nov., 1958, the month stereo records were first mass marketed.
  2. Lost my virginity at age 13, to an 18 year old prostitute.
  3. I am the youngest of one brother and two sisters.
  4. I am the original owner of a 1986 Harley Davidson Custom Softail.
  5. Got my 1st bullwhip in Atlantic City, New Jersey on the boardwalk in 1966. It was braided, brown, suede and cowhide.
  6. Have not had a drop of Alcohol since 1985.
  7. I won 1st place in the pinewood derby (during cubscouts) 2 years in a row.
  8. Went to all boys boarding school & lived with monks for 6 years.
  9. Played Lacrosse in high school.
  10. Bruce-7 was my friend and mentor.
  11. Favorite scent is amber.
  12. Favorite color green.
  13. Favorite adult star is Alexandra Silk.
  14. I was assigned the task of controlling Debi Diamond at parties. Not easy.
  15. Developed a fetish for scarves at a very young age.
  16. Worked as a Teamster for 17 years. Hey Brothers!
  17. Was completely surprised and had no idea what had just happened the 1st time I ejaculated.
  18. A speedboat ran me over while I was waterskiing. Prop passed just past my ear, I was uninjured.
  19. A car ran me over at 7 years old. I found myself underneath the car; again I was uninjured.
  20. My favorite restaurant is “The Commanders Place” in New Orleans.
  21. Loved 42nd st and 8th ave in NYC during the 70’s when the hookers were still there.
  22. I have a BA in psychology.
  23. I have a Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality.
  24. I got my 1st tattoo (a scorpion on my hip) at 18 years old in Asbury Park, New Jersey.
  25. My favorite childhood junk food was, Hostess Snowballs.
  26. I wake up each day at 5:30 am and am at the gym by 6:00.
  27. I have 4 children, and am a proud grandfather.
  28. I love to cook.
  29. I once sailed from Jamaica to Mexico in a 58′ ultralight-racing sailboat. We had a crew of 6 and were out at sea for 6 days.
  30. I love to dive into my pool at the end of the day.
  31. My hands prints are in cement at the Legends of Erotica.
  32. When I first ventured on to the world wide web internet commerce was forbidden and .com didn’t exist.
  33. Many say my ex-wife, Ariana, had the 1st adult website, way before Danni’s Hard Drive.
  34. I was in the computer club in 8th grade. We used index cards or ticker tape to program functions such as creating digital music, into the computer.
  35. When I was a kid, records were the only way to purchase music.
  36. Color TV was not available when I was a child.
  37. I used to hang out in the original “Plato’s Retreat” and “The Hellfire Club” in NYC during the early 1980’s, before AIDS was discovered.
  38. Pong, the 1st computer game, was developed when I was a teenager.
  39. My dad was an Orthopedic Surgeon.
  40. NYC is my favorite city.
  41. My first car was a completely mint condition 1963 Buick Rivieria.
  42. My first motorcycle was a 1950 Harley Panhead on a 1957 straight leg rigid frame.
  43. I graduated High School in 1976 during the United State’s Bicentennial. What a great time that was for America.
  44. I saw the World Trade Center being built in NYC, I never thought I would live to see it fall.
  45. I love Armani suits.
  46. I despise woolen socks.
  47. I love Alexandra Silk in Lace.
  48. I love Ariana in Leather.
  49. I love Ashley Renee in Latex.
  50. I love Misty Rain naked in stiletto heels.
  51. I love being a daddy.
  52. Drive a black BMW 740i.
  53. Yes, I actually played doctor as a kid.
  54. No one ever told me where babies came from; I figured it out.
  55. Thinks coming inside a girl is the ultimate act of intimate sexuality.
  56. I do not enjoy eating alone.
  57. I’ve been to the Playboy mansion several times. Yes, Heff is definitely the man.
  58. Still think Nastasha Kinski is a total babe.
  59. I think you should read Phil Harvey’s book “The Government vs. Erotica”.
  60. I go to the movies about 2 times each week.
  61. Alexandra Silk and I have an open marriage that works.
  62. My favorite food is sushi.
  63. Believe honesty is always the best policy.
  64. I used to be a biker, my road name was “Cruzer”.
  65. All the bikers who used to call me “Brother” abandoned me when I told them I was going to shoot adult videos. Is that hypocrisy or what?
  66. I agree with the artist Marcel DuChamp, my life is my art.
  67. Was an honor student in high school and college as well.
  68. Quit smoking cigarettes in 1987 when I had the chicken pox.
  69. My second motorcycle was a 1963 Harley Davidson pan/shovel on a 1957 straight leg rigid frame. Bad Ass Bike
  70. I used to run the production department for Sin City.
  71. Michael Ninn is my friend and favorite director.
  72. Just in case you were wondering, I love to wear leather.
  73. I have no idea how many women I have made love to.
  74. I think Larry Flynt is a fucking genius.
  75. One of my goals is to learn something new everyday.
  76. I believe in Angels.

2 thoughts on “Things about Me

  1. I knew you in Belmar in the late 80’s. The club on 10th ave. I moved to Philadelphia and then to Michigan. I get back to Jersey only occasionally. Not a drop of alcohol (or drugs) since 88 for me. I saw you on the Bob Berkowitz show in 88 or 89. I used to hang out with Doug Olsen (Yamaha Virago 750). You have left more of a mark than most from those days.

    • Hey Pete, glad to hear you’re still sober & still crazy after all these years. Life’s been one strange trip for me but a grand ride. Still sober since 1985. Can’t believe it’s been that long. Spent a few years back in NJ caring for mom. Much is the same. Remember when the entire Fifth Chapter MC, from Delaware Valley, came to the club when I celebrated one year? It was legendary. The group thought the entire town was being invaded. Those were wonderful days; glad we lived through it all. Send my regards to Doug (& yes, I remember). Hope your life is full of great things.



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