Lifestyles – The 25th Anniversary

The sexy week Alexandra Silk and I spent at the Rooftop Beach House in Florida is burned in my memory. I’m reminded of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the world famous “Lifestyles Convention” in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thousands of sexy swingers were gathered at the Tropicana Hotel for one of the largest gatherings of alternative lifestylers in America. It was spectacular. Naked bodies of all shapes and sizes were sunning, swimming, sexing, and sinning everywhere.

Nina Hartley, Shayla LaVeaux, Alexandra Silk and I arrived together to shoot a sexual documentary called “Lifestyles” for Fallen Angel. After the usual autograph signing with hugs and kisses that always follow these adult stars; Nina, Alex and Shayla began to get comfortable.

The girls were amazed at how many swinger couples wanted to appear in our production. I was just amazed by the all the sexy and attractive people everywhere. We did interviews and visited the exhibits during the day, orgies and naked bodies everywhere by night. People would be walking down hallways, in the lobby or hanging out by the pool. Room service was accompanied with a smile. The evenings were sexy and magical. We hosted the evening events which were highlighted in silver to represent 25 years of lifestyle fun and liberation. Everyone had something silver on or coming off. This was a blissful event. You have to see what Nina, Shayla and Alex are up to in this movie. You won’t believe it until you see it!

Our next sexy lifestyle event is in late July at the SwingFest 2008. Held at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida; this party promises over 5,000 couples will be attending. Please keep in touch for more details as the party draws near.

2 thoughts on “Lifestyles – The 25th Anniversary

  1. Luc, I enjoy your sites. More importantly, I like your philosophy about life. You have, truly, found and experience the many pleasures on this journey. All too often, when we meet someone of your caliber, we expect them to be full of themselves, self-centered but it’s quite the contrary with you. You are a wonderful human being who doesn’t mind giving and sharing. I appreciate that. You are living the life that I have wanted for a very long time. Cheers to You and Your Lovely Wife! I surely want you to continue in your successes. I do hope that I can join you on a production or at one of the Swingers’ Conventions sometime soon. It’s about time I put this creative mind to use, among other things.

  2. Alex: I thank you very much for kind and supportive words. Yes, I certainly have chosen the road less traveled and enjoyed every delicious minute of it. Not all are as open minded as you nor do they perceive the good in what I’ve done. I am simply trying to change the world and people’s attitudes towards sexuality. Piece of cake right?
    It’s great seeing your positive energy at the gym. You’re a bit of a role model yourself. I too hope that one day we can work on a video project together. Let’s do a little brainstorming…

    Take care and spread the love,

    Luc Wylder

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