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Sexual Evening at The Pleasure Salon


Alexandra and I ventured into New York City last week to join our wonderful friends at the Pleasure Salon. This sexually diverse crowd of radically liberal sexual intellectuals meets once a month for social intercourse and sexual interaction. Members gather from sexually elite sources including academia, fashion, journalism, photography, film making, The Internet and sex workers. Their goals are simply to love, respect and accept all guests. What a far cry from the days when everyone needed a label and would socialize only with their own. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, dominants, submissives, fetish enthusiasts, swingers, vanilla couples and sexual singles all bathing in a oasis of sexual inclusion and acceptance.

Several of the city’s hottest sexbloggers were on hand. I have started to read the book Clear Blogging. I’m still learning about blogging communities and now there’s an upgrade to WordPress 2.5 to attend to.

I had a pleasant conversation with Selina from www.selinafire.blogspot.com about launching a WordPress blog for the Pleasure Salon. We concluded it would  be an effective method for all to stay up to date on parties, locations, events, topics of erotic interest and individual contact info. Selina will be discussing this idea with others. I’ll be sure to post details as future developments emerge.

The party was held in a small, dark, wooden bar on the lower east side of New York City.  Guests dress or undress for the occasion in their favorite fantasy wear. Complete transformations occur as street people enter, shrug off tattered overcoats to reveal their shinny new latex selves. There are no pretensions among this crowd. All are welcome and the energy or the room reflects it. A sharp smack is heard coming from the back of the room. A cry of Ecstasy and another smack is followed by wanton cries for more. The spanking crowd is at it again and Alex’s sweet smile turns to a devilish grin as she positions her butt to receive a little attention. Never one to decline an invitation, my merciful hand comes down swiftly on naked flesh and echoes the sound from the back of the room.

Alex and I played on through the night, stopping and flirting at every strip club between Manhattan and home. Thoughts of the Pleasure Salon danced in our heads. The point is the gathering created great sexual energy that transcends being just a party. This is a movement. A very current and inclusive movement to stop the nonsensical judgementalism that often infiltrates sexual interest groups. Imagine the concept that sexual pleasure is to be enjoyed and nurtured and not used as a weapon. I’m proud of these courageous kinky pioneers for paving the way of our future attitudes towards sexuality. Long may your flag fly, Pleasure Salon.

Lucky Dirty Dancers 13.

Watch sweet angel, Alexandra Silk go wild with devilish Melanie Stone in Dirty Dancers #13 . Sparks fly as girl girl action begins with the soft flick of a wet tongue and ends with a flood of sexual energy in a sizzling 3-way anal fest with Mike Long.  It was Mike’s first sex scene and he was very nervious. But the girls were really horny and he starting feeling totally relaxed and turned on. We all had a great time on set that day. Mike Long changed his name to Lorenzo and went on to become a superstud adult performer known as Lorenzo. Nice work girls.

Billy Glide was happy to do the nasty in Dirty Dancers 13 with this fabulous blonde model, Claudia Chase. She started her strip tease by soul kissing Billy as he grew rock hard. Billy fucked Claudia every which way but loose, fell in love with her, and then claimed her as his girlfriend for the next three years. Now, that’s reality porn!

Sexually Impactful Erotic Films

Here is a list of  the most sexually impactful erotic films developed by my online friends. Please feel free to comment, discuss, or add to the list.

1897 – Après Le Bal – Georges Melies
1913 – Traffic in Souls – George Loane Tucker
1948 – The Miracle – Roberto Rosselini
1957 – And God Created Woman – Roger Vadim
1960 – Peeping Tom – Michael Powell
1962 – Lolita – Stanley Kubrick
1967 – Belle du Jour – Luis Buñuel
1969 – Midnight Cowboy – John Schlesinger
1971 – A Clockwork Orange   – Stanley Kubrick
1971 – Straw Dogs – Sam Peckinpah
1972 – Fritz The Cat – Ralph Bakshi
1972 – Behind The Green Door – The Mitchell Bros.
1972 – Deep Throat – Gerard Damiano
1973 – Last Tango in Paris – Bernardo Bertolucci
1973 – The Devil in Miss Jones – Gerard Damiano
1974 – The Night Porter – Liliana Cavani
1975 – Story of Joanna – Gerard Damiano
1976 – Maitresse – Barbet Schroeder
1976 – The Opening of Misty Beethoven – Radley Metzger
1976 – In The Realm of the Senses – Nagisa Oshima
1975 – The Story of O – Just Jaeckin
1975 – Naked Came the Stranger – Radley Metzger
1975 – The Punishment of Anne – Radley Metzger
1976 – Sensations – Lasse Braun
1977 – Body Love – Lasse Braun
1977 – Barbara Broadcast – Radley Metzger
1978 – Debbie Does Dallas – Jim Clark
1979 – Caligula – Bob Guccione
1980 – Insatiable – Godfrey Daniels
1980 – Talk Dirty to Me – Anthony Spinelli
1981 – Inside Seka – Seka / Ken Yontz
1981 – Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle – Annie Sprinkle
1982 – Café Flesh – Stephen Sayadian
1983 – Night Hunger – Gerard Damiano
1983 – Smoker – Veronica Rocket
1983 – Dixie Ray Hollywood Star – Anthony Spinelli
1984 – Every Woman has a Fantasy – Edwin Brown
1984 – Public Affairs – Henri Pachard
1985 – Older Men with Young Girls –  Drea
1985 – Older Women with Young Boys – Jack Remy
1986 – 9 ½ Weeks (uncut/unrated) – Adian Lyne
1986 – Powertool – John Travis
1988 – Jamie Loves Jeff – Paul Thomas
1989 – Bus Stop Tales – Jamie Gillis/ Ed Powers
1989 – Night Trips – Andrew Blake
1989 – Roommates – Chuck Vincent
1989 – Rain Woman – Michael Carpenter
1990 – House of Dreams – Andrew Blake
1991 – Dirty Dancers – Luc Wylder
1992 – Valley of the Bi-Dolls – Josh Eliot
1993 – Black Orchid – Michael Ninn
1994 – The Dinner Party – Cameron Grant
1997 – The Mobster’s Wife – Paul Thomas
1997 – The Master’s Choice – Luc Wylder
1997 – Drop Sex – John Leslie
1997 – Zazel – Philip Mond
1998 – Silk Stockings  – Alexandra Silk
1998 – Night Calls: The Movie – Robert Kubilos
1999 – Internal Affairs – Luc Wylder
1999 – Eyes Wide Shut – Stanley Kubrick
2001 – Center of the World – Wayne Wang
2001 – Sex Court: The Movie – John Quinn
2002 – The Secretary – Steven Shainberg
2003 – Stud Hunters – Candida Royalle
2004 – Sex Across America – Luc Wylder
2005 – Brokeback Mountain – Ang Lee
2006 – Bi-Back Mountain – Doug Jeffries

Wylder Times

This is my first weblog posting and I’m extremely honored to welcome all of you to my website. I’ve been fiddling around with computers since I was a kid and on the internet since 1994. I was always excited by science and its impact on modern day art. Photography, music, erotic art, films and technology became my passion. I had heard of this thing called the internet and just had to be a part of it. I met a friend named Alvin who sold me a software program called “Internet in a Box”. It took us all day to install and configure the software but finally I heard a long series of fax tones and my screaming fast 486DX33 was connected. The first group of people I encountered was an internet newsgroup called rec.arts.movies.erotica. Now they’re the world famous www.rame.net. Today, I proudly run the world famous adult erotic media company, Fallen Angel. I’ve produced films for Playboy, Hustler, SpiceTV, Adam & Eve, Sin City and now our erotic internet based VOD theatre www.FallenAngel.tv. I’ve been involved with the erotic industry since the 1970’s and my blog tells the entire story. All the secrets, all the sex, the colorful lifestyle and the darkest spaces revealed for you. Discover the fresh new faces of the hottest starlets porn has ever offered. You’ll see many of your favorite stars from early classic years of porn when sex was still naughty.

Rooftop Resort Recap

Rooftop Resort Recap

Our sexy friends in Hollywood, Florida claim Alexandra Silk and I have been bitten by the bug. We just returned from hosting a blissful week long swinging event at the clothing optional, Rooftop Resort. This wonderful adult lifestyle, beach side hotel offers a hybrid of Miami spice with a sexy New Orleans burlesque style. Swingers of all variations are welcome to shed all inhibitions and enjoy their visit au natural. There is uniquely private rooftop pool where guests can tan without lines, an outdoor center courtyard for gatherings and several well decorated playrooms for the more sexually adventurous.

Alexandra noticed the surprisingly attractive guests as soon as we checked in at the lobby. She was shy at first not being aware of what the rules of the house were. I started getting hard in the elevator as Alex rubbed her tight ass cheeks against my crotch. A naked man with a huge cock stood casually in the doorway as we passed his room. Alex became more playful and flashed her tits at him. I could tell the party was just beginning.

Kudos to the wonderful hotel staff. Especially my sweeties Jana and Debbie who were exceptionally accommodating. They took great care of us. We instantly fell in love with Paul, the owner of this very special beach house. He’s brilliant, full of laughter and fun and creates atmospheres for everyone to enjoy. What a great man! We’re very thankful to be able to freely roam around the hotel naked all week long and flirt with all their fabulous guests.

Alex had fun peeking in the windows during our visit. Sometimes we would see a couple fucking or perhaps a beautiful naked female pleasuring herself. We had lots of delicious food, great sex, made new friends, had great sex, enjoyed the sun, had great sex, danced in the evenings and did I mention had lots of great sex. Keep an on on this unique hotel, one of the hottest and sexiest swinger spots across America.

Lifestyles – The 25th Anniversary

The sexy week Alexandra Silk and I spent at the Rooftop Beach House in Florida is burned in my memory. I’m reminded of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the world famous “Lifestyles Convention” in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thousands of sexy swingers were gathered at the Tropicana Hotel for one of the largest gatherings of alternative lifestylers in America. It was spectacular. Naked bodies of all shapes and sizes were sunning, swimming, sexing, and sinning everywhere.

Nina Hartley, Shayla LaVeaux, Alexandra Silk and I arrived together to shoot a sexual documentary called “Lifestyles” for Fallen Angel. After the usual autograph signing with hugs and kisses that always follow these adult stars; Nina, Alex and Shayla began to get comfortable.

The girls were amazed at how many swinger couples wanted to appear in our production. I was just amazed by the all the sexy and attractive people everywhere. We did interviews and visited the exhibits during the day, orgies and naked bodies everywhere by night. People would be walking down hallways, in the lobby or hanging out by the pool. Room service was accompanied with a smile. The evenings were sexy and magical. We hosted the evening events which were highlighted in silver to represent 25 years of lifestyle fun and liberation. Everyone had something silver on or coming off. This was a blissful event. You have to see what Nina, Shayla and Alex are up to in this movie. You won’t believe it until you see it!

Our next sexy lifestyle event is in late July at the SwingFest 2008. Held at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida; this party promises over 5,000 couples will be attending. Please keep in touch for more details as the party draws near.