Sex Wisdom podcast with Dr. Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner, Ph.D., ACS, interviews Luc Wylder, in his latest Sex Wisdom podcasts, Part 1  and Part 2.

Clinical Sexology and Sexual Health Care

Dr. Dick’s Sex Wisdom

Dr. Dick has been practicing as a clinical sexologist in Seattle, for over 30 years.  Focused on, sex therapy and relationship counseling, Dr. Dick is now a driving force, in the evolution of human sexuality.

Dr. Dick’s explains his  philosophy in the following: “I affirm the fundamental goodness of sexuality in human life, both as a personal need and as an interpersonal bond. I know the unhappiness and anxiety, which sex-negative attitudes can engender in individuals, alienating them from their own body and the bodies of others. I know that such attitudes affect not only a person’s sex life, but also his/her ability to relate well with others.
   Sexual wellbeing is more than simply being able to perform. It is also taking responsibility for one’s eroticism as an integral part of one’s personality and involvement with others. Between the extremes of total sexual repression and relentless sexual pursuit, a person can find that unique place, where he/she is free to live a life of self-respect, enjoyment and love.
   Each person is a special ensemble of dispositions and needs and his/her uniqueness must be respected. My aim is to provide such information and guidance as will help the individual approach his/her unique sexuality in a realistic and responsible manner, as well as further his/her independent growth, personal integrity, and have a more joyful experience of living.”

The interview was amazing. We gobbled up airtime so quickly,  the interview was split into two parts. Please enjoy my views on erotica, human sexuality,  sensate partner therapy and more in Sex Wisdom, Part 1  and Part 2.

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