Wylder Times

This is my first weblog posting and I’m extremely honored to welcome all of you to my website. I’ve been fiddling around with computers since I was a kid and on the internet since 1994. I was always excited by science and its impact on modern day art. Photography, music, erotic art, films and technology became my passion. I had heard of this thing called the internet and just had to be a part of it. I met a friend named Alvin who sold me a software program called “Internet in a Box”. It took us all day to install and configure the software but finally I heard a long series of fax tones and my screaming fast 486DX33 was connected. The first group of people I encountered was an internet newsgroup called rec.arts.movies.erotica. Now they’re the world famous www.rame.net. Today, I proudly run the world famous adult erotic media company, Fallen Angel. I’ve produced films for Playboy, Hustler, SpiceTV, Adam & Eve, Sin City and now our erotic internet based VOD theatre www.FallenAngel.tv. I’ve been involved with the erotic industry since the 1970’s and my blog tells the entire story. All the secrets, all the sex, the colorful lifestyle and the darkest spaces revealed for you. Discover the fresh new faces of the hottest starlets porn has ever offered. You’ll see many of your favorite stars from early classic years of porn when sex was still naughty.