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  1. Sarah, Hello my friend. No, Unfortunately, I do not understand German; however, I have a translator. Please feel free to send me anything you like. I look forward to discovering your talents.

    Warm regards,


  2. Hi Luc,
    I’m a big fan of Ariana and would like to know what she is doing now days besides you? lol

    I also produce music and would love to send you some tracks for your consideration.


    • Beaux: Hello my friend. Ariana retired from the film industry, many years ago. She ran a fetish website when it was a groundbreaking business model. Now, she is living peacefully, and caring for her elderly mom. I think she is happy. Today, I am married to the beautiful, Ms. Alexandra Silk. We are still running FallenAngel.TV and shooting for Adam & Eve.
      I would love to hear some of your music. Instrumentals usually work best for my projects. Feel free to send samples or links to me, at: luc@lucwylder.com.



  3. im a student from fullerton college and im in prof. chavez human sexuality class. i was wondering if you can email me the power points for your lecture from today. thank you and it was a pleasure meeting you and alexandra. i thought you guys were great and your lecture today was awesome. thanks again and have a great week.

  4. LUC, YOU BAD MOTHER FUCKER YOU are so bad assed I, love watching you beat. And. Dominate. Botched, you were. Ducking lucky to f uck. Adriana, I, beat my pud constantly dreaming of her beating my ass so hard as you watch and approve. I, have. So much $$$$$.,and am so bored. Wish I, could pay you and meet you to help me get in business. Would.give you my money I, made. Just want to duck woman and live large with my idols. Any thing you ever need feel free to contact me. Please tell ariana I, love her and wish she could beat the shut out of me. Thanks bro.

  5. Left this comment on “Things About Me” page –
    Hey buddy, just discovered your videos – super!
    Why in the hell do guys like you stop performing (didn’t see any past 2010) – I have a rule with my lady friend, no videos where the male is under 50.
    Don Fernado and other “Master Craftmen” are still cranking them out and you have a long way to go before you’re their age.

  6. Dear Sir,
    I am 30 years old. I live in Punjab Pakistan. From the age of 16 years i love to work in the porn movie. But there is no such industry in Pakistan. I have great ideas about such Now i an to move in abroad to be a porn star. So please tell me what i can do for this.

  7. Hi Luc, im from Hungary, im a fan of Ariana too (as above). Its a sad think we dont know anything/hear noting about her… just hope once she will back to her fans:) , we love her.
    hope nowadays shes happy too…


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