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I believe that a job should be more than just a way to make money. It should be a way to achieve your dreams and visions. It should allow & nurture personal growth & reward creativity. It can be fun but it requires dedication and commitment as well. A good fit is important, choose carefully. I am currently seeking bright, creative and energetic people to join our organization. We have a variety of positions ranging from opportunities for models wishing to perform in erotic adult films, all the way to creative writers, editors, graphic artists, webmasters, musicians, photographers, cameramen, production crew and office staff. Only those seriously committed to the vision of top quality cutting edge performance need apply. In other words, I’m looking for the cream of the crop. Please contact me at: E-mail –  

Positions Available Models – Both female & male, I’m looking for stealth, natural beauty combined with a passion for eroticism. Tattoos & piercings are acceptable. No drugs or attitudes. I only want models who love their job. Interaction between models is often required. Safe sex precautions include, condoms only & monthly STI/HIV-testing. All models must have 2 forms of id (1 photo id required) and be over 18. Rates are negotiable.

Writer – Seeking a professional writer for scripting, copy or short stories with a background in Erotica. Prefer an open minded, creative sensualist who is able to communicate well in both written & spoken word. Must be able to adhere to deadline scheduling. Editors – From entry level up we would like to see your work. Please submit screeners to the address listed above. I much prefer a shorter polished presentation than your entire body of work. Keep it simple. Graphic artists – I’m looking for a very unique individual to work along side me in production. Cutting edge computer skills are required. This person must have creative artistic vision & be able to interpret my psychobabble into visuals the world can understand. Good luck.

Web Developers – If you have the skills to contribute to this site in any way then I want to hear from you. Artists, programmers, marketing, sales, or advertising experts please forward a resume. I love fresh ideas. Production artists – Lights, camera, photography, sound, talent scouting, set design. I have a heavy production schedule yet quality is still my primary concern. I shoot for several top quality adult companies. Our productions have captured the attention of the high-end cable market Creative, energetic, with a positive attitude. This opportunity is ripe for the right individual. You must be dependable. You must be dependable. You must be dependable. Is that clear?

Music – I love to open doors for people. If you have music you believe should be heard, let’s talk. I need 5 or 6 tracks of CD quality music for each production. I only license the tracks; you still own the music. I shoot for a wide audience so the music cannot be inaccessible. I prefer actual instrumentation as opposed to all computer-generated material. Let me hear what you have.

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