Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I get into adult films?
    First thing I always ask is “are you ready for this”? Getting into the
    adult industry is often a lifetime commitment. Many people will see you
    naked including your mom, dad, sister, brother, child, employer, doctor
    & the weird man at the restaurant who can’t take his eyes off of you.
    You must be sure of your decision & have enough self esteem to endure
    the rejection of those who will never understand. If, however, you are
    motivated to join our family & take this sexual journey we call “the
    adult industry”, then here we go:
    * Fallen Angel is always looking for new comers, especially couples.
    Address is in the contact us area.
    * Please be realistic. Especially you guys out there. This is an
    industry based on the physical human form. If you consider yourself
    attractive & believe others would enjoy seeing you naked. If you are
    just interested in fulfilling a fantasy, perhaps there are less public
    ways of enjoying yourself. In other words please serious inquires only.

    * You must be over 18 years old & have 2 forms of government issued id.
    Id’s must be in good condition & your birthday must be legible on the
    * You must have a current HIV and STI test with your
    real name on it.
    * Gather several pictures of yourself in various poses. Include any professional photos you may have but only a few please. Don’t over do it, choose your
    * List all magazine credits, contests or experience you may have.
    * Let us know about yourself. We have a questioner you can print out or
    return it via email. That gets me your essential information
    * I suggest calling the company & getting the name of the person in charge of production.
    * Success here is dependent upon timing, luck and a careful blend of
    patience & persistence. Follow up but don’t be too pushy.

  • How do I get into a Fallen Angel picture?
    We are looking for top quality adult and fetish performers only. I’m
    looking for beauty, passion, energy, excitement & a unique edgy twist.
    Interested? Contact me.
  • Where are you from?
    Originally from New Jersey, now living in beautiful Los Angeles,
  • How long have you been involved in film making?
    My career in film-making began in the mid 80’s. Originally making my
    mark on the New York City underground scene; I made private Fetish films
    for certain anonymous parties. I gained recognition as a talented &
    trained fetish master. It just kept moving forward from there. I worked
    my up the ladder and today produce films for Playboy, Adam & Eve and
    Fallen Angel. Yes, I like my job.
  • Tell us about Alexandra Silk, Ariana, Ashley Renee, Debbi

    Alexandra Silk is the love of my life.
    I have been truly honored to have all of these women in my life. Each has been my lover, my partner, my friend, my slave. We’ve gone to places together I could
    never describe. Moments of intimacy, reckless abandon & absolute
    intensity, wild women who run with wolves, goddesses all.
  • What is it like being a fetish master?
    It’s been totally paradoxical. Love, hate, pleasure, pain, fame &
    abandonment. Most people don’t even try to get to know me. I’m told I
    intimidate others. I only do what comes naturally. I’ve had the chance to work with so many talented performers & do so many wild scenes. I guess I’m grateful but the darker side plagues me.
  • What is Dirty Dancers?
    It’s the first reality based Stripper series in the adult industry.
    Ariana was a feature dancer on the road. She was such a great “fuck me”
    dancer that all the strippers would hit on us after the shows. I bought
    a Hi-8 camera and began filming the encounters; the rest is history. The
    series still rocks and it’s amazing how many of these girls have become huge
  • Internal Affairs? What’s a creampie?
    “Internal Affairs” is the only series I shoot without condoms. It’s
    real couples, real sex, real come. That’s right, the guy actually comes
    inside the girl & we watch it ooze out. There is no editing allowed so
    you know it’s real. There is a real cool website devoted to it.
  • What is your policy on condom use.
    I am a strong advocate of safe sex. I use condoms on camera & off. My wife, Alexandra Silk & I have multiple lovers and love to have extreme sexual encounters. It is mandatory that we practice safe sex if you are going to have a sexually open lifestyle.
    Use condoms, you’ll sleep better at night.
  • What is it like being on a set?
    We try to make everything look easy by the time the audience actually
    views one of our pictures. That means long hours, hard work, eternal
    patience, well timed teamwork, lot’s of equipment and wires and many
    different personalities in need of direction. Being on a set is always
    fun but never easy.
  • Any tips on how I can be a better sex partner?
    Yes, take care of your mind and body. Eat right, exercise, don’t mess
    up your mind with drugs & negativity. Oh yeah & be kind. Remember life is precious & short. Spread the love.
  • Who are your favorite adult stars?
    Raquel Darrian in females, Rocco for the guys.
  • What is your favorite adult video?
    “Alexandra Silk’s Silk Ties”
  • What really turns you on?
    Practically anything. It’s all in the chemistry of the moment. I love
    leather. I’m really into smells; a partner must smell
    good. Submissive women. Legs, eyes & honesty
  • I have a great script, original sound tracks, a fantastic location,
    graphic arts ability, a new high-end digital camera and I want to make
    money with it. What can I do?

    I’d like to hear from you. Perhaps I can help. E mail is best
  • What is Fallen Angel?
    Fallen Angel is adult motion picture company, which, I opened in 1996. We take
    a more artistic approach to sex creating a unique quality blend of
    erotica with reality. I call it “Erosity”. Our shows air on Playboy,
    Spice and Showtime, they are distributed by Adam & Eve and are available for sale or viewing on the internet. www.fallenangelvideo.com
  • What is it like being married to Alexandra Silk?
    Absolute bliss. Alex is the sweetest person in the world. She fucks
    like a Ferrari, has curves more dangerous than Daytona Raceway & there
    must be a turbo in her pussy. I am a very lucky man.
  • What is your sign?
  • What is your favorite part of the body?
    The mind
  • How many movies have you performed in? Directed?
    Check out my filmography


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