A Movement of Liberation

The point is the gathering created great sexual energy that transcends being just a party. This is a movement. A very current and inclusive movement to stop the nonsensical judgementalism that often infiltrates sexual interest groups. Imagine the concept that sexual pleasure is to be enjoyed and nurtured and not used as a weapon,” Luc Wylder

Ahh, a very comforting thought that lingers deep in the mind and causes me to reminisce about my early beginnings in a wonderful lifestyle.  We come into the world free, yet shortly thereafter we are enslaved, first by religious traditions, familial traditions and just as burdensome and perhaps having a greater grasp, societal norms.   It’s not surprising to experience stress, feelings of inadequacy and grief.  Something inside naws away repeatedly, until we are strong enough to stand up to all this outside stimuli.  We challenge the very things that kept us contained and we are set free,  once again. 

Being, totally, uninhibited with your sexual desires and engaging in them fully is, both, liberating and extremely gratifying.  Sharing with others only heightens these sensations.  Being in a place where others share the same commonalities, certainly creates a movement.  Lets continue to enjoy our sexual pleasure in an environment that is conducive to friendship, pleasure, passion and lust…

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