Jamie Gillis another lost angel.

New York City, NY – My dear friend and legendary superstar of adult films, Jamie Gillis passed away from Melanoma, two days ago. It was only a few months back that we spent the afternoon in his quaint, 1800’s, historical home in NYC, shooting an interview with Cass Paley. There was a lush green tranquil court yard in the back of the crooked little house which offered a beautiful, softly diffused natural, light. A few minutes to set up equipment, tripod, camera, tape, angle a reflector or two, wire Jamie to the microphone, and we were on our way.

When Jaime spoke it was like an old sage sharing the wisdom of the elders with a young apprentice. He spoke of times of sexual revolution, civil rights, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the early days of porn. I hope the youth of the world never forget the courage and political commitment of men like Jamie Gillis.

Alexandra Silk & I spent several precious evenings with Jamie and our gang of New York City based, adult celebrities including, his lady, Zarela, Fred Lincoln, Vanessa del Rio, Candia Royalle, Edward Mapplethorpe, Michele Capozzi, Veronica Vera, and other close friends. Jaime never let any of us know he was sick. He was a thoughtful man who never wanted to impose on others.

I hope Jamie is in eternal bliss, wrapped comfortably in the arms of his sisters including our precious Marilyn Chambers, Erica Boyer, Linda Lovelace, Terry Diver, Savanah, our angel Missy and hanging with his nasty boys, Bruce-7 and Duck Dumont. May Jamie be fondly remembered by all his leading ladies. Rest in Peace.

Finally, my heart goes out to Jaime’s loved ones, especially Zarela who helped add love, joy and a lot of great spicy food to the last years of Jamie’s life. May all that you have given, come back to you tenfold.

Sexual Evening at The Pleasure Salon


Alexandra and I ventured into New York City last week to join our wonderful friends at the Pleasure Salon. This sexually diverse crowd of radically liberal sexual intellectuals meets once a month for social intercourse and sexual interaction. Members gather from sexually elite sources including academia, fashion, journalism, photography, film making, The Internet and sex workers. Their goals are simply to love, respect and accept all guests. What a far cry from the days when everyone needed a label and would socialize only with their own. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, dominants, submissives, fetish enthusiasts, swingers, vanilla couples and sexual singles all bathing in a oasis of sexual inclusion and acceptance.

Several of the city’s hottest sexbloggers were on hand. I have started to read the book Clear Blogging. I’m still learning about blogging communities and now there’s an upgrade to WordPress 2.5 to attend to.

I had a pleasant conversation with Selina from www.selinafire.blogspot.com about launching a WordPress blog for the Pleasure Salon. We concluded it would  be an effective method for all to stay up to date on parties, locations, events, topics of erotic interest and individual contact info. Selina will be discussing this idea with others. I’ll be sure to post details as future developments emerge.

The party was held in a small, dark, wooden bar on the lower east side of New York City.  Guests dress or undress for the occasion in their favorite fantasy wear. Complete transformations occur as street people enter, shrug off tattered overcoats to reveal their shinny new latex selves. There are no pretensions among this crowd. All are welcome and the energy or the room reflects it. A sharp smack is heard coming from the back of the room. A cry of Ecstasy and another smack is followed by wanton cries for more. The spanking crowd is at it again and Alex’s sweet smile turns to a devilish grin as she positions her butt to receive a little attention. Never one to decline an invitation, my merciful hand comes down swiftly on naked flesh and echoes the sound from the back of the room.

Alex and I played on through the night, stopping and flirting at every strip club between Manhattan and home. Thoughts of the Pleasure Salon danced in our heads. The point is the gathering created great sexual energy that transcends being just a party. This is a movement. A very current and inclusive movement to stop the nonsensical judgementalism that often infiltrates sexual interest groups. Imagine the concept that sexual pleasure is to be enjoyed and nurtured and not used as a weapon. I’m proud of these courageous kinky pioneers for paving the way of our future attitudes towards sexuality. Long may your flag fly, Pleasure Salon.