Love, Serve, Remember

It’s exciting times at Fallen Angel these days. Celebrating over 2 decades in business!!! Still steadily in production mode shooting AR & VR movies and video’s for Adam & Eve, such as Private Sex Society and  Sex Across America with Angela White! During this same time, we’ve also been adding new adult  toy products to our website as well as expanding our Sex Across America blog into an ongoing web-based discussion about a wide variety of sex trends and news from around the country. As long-time sex-positive activists, Alexandra Silk and I are using this platform to cover various issues from an intelligent and proactive point of view with a bit of playful humor when appropriate. I hope you’ll check it out and join in with your support.
Even with carving out some wonderful play time here and there along the way, it’s been rather amazing how fast time is just flying by these days. Today, Alex and I have completed our Doctorate degrees in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study. It’s my commitment to strong work ethic’s and an incredible personal journey of health and discovery. As I always say, “never stop learning and evolving!”