Jamie Gillis another lost angel.

New York City, NY – My dear friend and legendary superstar of adult films, Jamie Gillis passed away from Melanoma, two days ago. It was only a few months back that we spent the afternoon in his quaint, 1800’s, historical home in NYC, shooting an interview with Cass Paley. There was a lush green tranquil court yard in the back of the crooked little house which offered a beautiful, softly diffused natural, light. A few minutes to set up equipment, tripod, camera, tape, angle a reflector or two, wire Jamie to the microphone, and we were on our way.

When Jaime spoke it was like an old sage sharing the wisdom of the elders with a young apprentice. He spoke of times of sexual revolution, civil rights, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the early days of porn. I hope the youth of the world never forget the courage and political commitment of men like Jamie Gillis.

Alexandra Silk & I spent several precious evenings with Jamie and our gang of New York City based, adult celebrities including, his lady, Zarela, Fred Lincoln, Vanessa del Rio, Candia Royalle, Edward Mapplethorpe, Michele Capozzi, Veronica Vera, and other close friends. Jaime never let any of us know he was sick. He was a thoughtful man who never wanted to impose on others.

I hope Jamie is in eternal bliss, wrapped comfortably in the arms of his sisters including our precious Marilyn Chambers, Erica Boyer, Linda Lovelace, Terry Diver, Savanah, our angel Missy and hanging with his nasty boys, Bruce-7 and Duck Dumont. May Jamie be fondly remembered by all his leading ladies. Rest in Peace.

Finally, my heart goes out to Jaime’s loved ones, especially Zarela who helped add love, joy and a lot of great spicy food to the last years of Jamie’s life. May all that you have given, come back to you tenfold.

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  1. Thanks for your post about Jamie. I knew him as well and I was surprised by his death. I knew he was sick because he mentioned doctors and everything but he never said anything about how serious it was. In fact, he asked me a lot of questions about my health instead. As you say, he never wanted to impose on anybody. Your words about him are generous and heartfelt and I’ve been really moved to see how many tributes there are to him. He must have had so many friends. Amazing.

  2. My Deepest Sympathy on the passing of one of the original legendary Men of the Adult Film Industry…Jamie Gillis….He was a one of a Kind Man, and I am sorry to hear of his Passing…..It is a sad time when the Good Die so young and have to suffer with such a Horrible Disease (Melanoma)…..I have Lost many Good Friends and My Mom to this Horrible Disease…..All I can Say is Jamie…..We had many Good Times because of you and may You R.I.P. with others that were taken too soon….I was Saddened to here of his Death…..Luc and Alex, I know you both have Lost a Good Friend.. I know he is Looking Down on all of his friends and All of the Adult Film Industry People, and Keeping an eye out for all of the Folks in the Industry……We will always Love Him, and miss his antics……..Respectfully, Michael S. Gross aka knisheater@yahoo.com

    • I miss Jamie. Not sure New York City will ever be the same without him. Thanks for your kind words Michael. I look forward to eating more knishes with you very soon. Peace.

  3. Thanks for that beautiful tribute to Jamie. I had the honor of meeting him during a Rick Savage interview (Rick took a wonderful photo of us), and got to meet Zarela last month. A great man.

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